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Last updated September 18, 2023

Insight into Practical Audit

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Insight into Practical Audit


This course has been designed to make you think like an auditor.

We aim to help you out in:

  1. Developing the mindset of an auditor
  2. Learning FLSI wise procedures
  3. Learning evidence corroboration
  4. Learning self-explanatory documentation
  5. Effective communication
  6. Finding useful references


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  1. Muhammad Saif Yousaf


  2. Ayesha_.khalid

    The most convenient course of Practical Audit . The Instructor has a great command on the said topic.

  3. Mahrukh Zulfiqar

    An excellent elaboration of core areas giving an exposure to the practical world by a well versed individual…highly recommended


    Amazing course full of useful information. Useful for the student who are going to start there Articles

  5. Afifa Arshi

    I found this course very helpful for my articleship ..So there is no need to waste Time take this course and learn something that will help you.this is not fake..Course is worth paying for.

  6. Muhammad Araiz

    This course has helped in improving the skills related to practical audit.
    Evidence corroboration,
    This will obviously be helpful for articleship.

  7. shafiq ahmed

    First off all thank you Sir for the friendly environment and the way you taught us. I highly recommend to all the students, who are about to join the firms.

  8. Atiqa Zahid

    A highly recommended course containing outlines, drafting , guidelines for practical audit with complete cooperation of mentor. Highly recommended for those who are going to start their articleship journey.

  9. Abdul-Rafay

    As, the name of course is very attractive and Sir thank u for teaching this course as it deserves, very helpful highly recommended.

  10. 03099111667

    Immensely helpful course in the long run. Jump start in firm life, know everything youre doing!

  11. 03035021172

    Highly recommended course for those who are going to start their articleship.Mentor is very coperative and reply to our messages within minutes.

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